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    The character of the old Dragon King was awesome, there's no doubt about that. He also had a very good feeling towards Truong Ninh, after all, Truong Ninh saved his daughter's life. As a black dragon, he is also extremely picky about his children, very few of them. As for the youngest girl, Mo Heiyu, not only is she smart, cute, and most popular with him, but she is also the most prominent existence among his descendants. The Blue Dragon King lost his son Qingmu and was very angry. If he lost his daughter, he would also be very angry. The more important, the more painful the loss. Therefore, the old dragon king had a good feeling towards Truong Ninh, but did not show any good feelings. In the side hall, the old dragon king was sitting on the northern throne, transformed into a crazy, handsome father dragon, and kindly hugged Mo Heiyu, but Mo Heiyu squirmed again and again. The first time Zhang Ning saw this little girl, she turned into a little jiao and ran everywhere in the Dragon Palace, and met again in the Real Demon Realm, except for a little timidity in the face of Aoki , she is really lively. time. Also very polite. When she returned, she predicted that the Azure Dragon King would be unfavorable to Zhang Ning, so she plucked out the precious turtle shell and placed herself in Zhang Ning's arms, intending to act as a human shield. Even though she knew that it might not work, she also hoped to make the Azure Dragon King worry about it. Although in the end it was the old Dragon King who solved everything, but even though this little guy was only three years old, he was absolutely worthy of the word "loyal". Old Dragon King was also very loyal. After sitting down, he said directly: "Nephew, thank you very much for saving my little girl." also saved me." Truong Ninh smiled and replied. Although there is no old dragon king, he will be fine. But for the good deeds of others, you need to express your gratitude. Zhang Ning is a person. "It's different, nephew, you are my guest. Even if you don't save the little girl, I won't let Thanh Long treat you like that." Old Dragon King said firmly. . Truong Ninh raised his head to look at the old dragon king, believing what the old dragon king said. This is an old dragon with connections throughout Eastern China and old dragons abroad. Thieves talk about loyalty and assurance prestige. Such a Dragon King will indeed not let this guest hurt another guest. This is the principle. "My nephew, my little lady has told me that you are in the True Demon World After doing everything, you not only killed Aoki, but also offended Thanh Long. I think you just heard that Qinglong is definitely not someone willing to give up." go. I am 90% sure that this Qinglong is lurking outside the Dragon Palace, if you step outside the Palace dragon, he will kill you. And I cannot protect you. Because it is difficult to protect a Person. I am not afraid of the Azure Dragon, I am not afraid of fighting. But I cannot keep you in the hands of the Azure Dragon, Maybe even three or four Nguyen Anh can't keep you. Thanh Long is very patient. Moreover, his lifespan is extremely long. For him, staring at you for a hundred years, three hundred years is possible, more than Also, nephew, your sword is a bit different. I'm afraid it's not just Qinglong, there are also many people who are unpredictable. So, nephew, although it's a bit difficult to say, I'm afraid you won't be able to enter. Nguyen Anh, I'm afraid you can't leave my Dragon Palace." then said: "For humans, it can be difficult to level up to a Nascent Soul." Implied, Zhang Ning could die of old age in the Dragon Palace. But because Zhang Ning saved Mo Heiyu, the old Dragon King will take care of Zhang Ning. Get some women from the mortal world to breed for Zhang Ning. In general, although freedom will no longer exist, there will be decent wealth. In the old Dragon King's opinion, this was the best ending. Thanh Long Vuong. His difficulty, domineering and ferocity are not just for words. An extremely difficult opponent. Normally, the old dragon king would not easily offend someone like that. Zhang Ning had great faith in the Old Dragon King's judgment, fighting someone was different from protecting someone. With an existence like Qinglong, no one knew what tricks he would have. After leaving the Dragon Palace, even if Zhang Ning had the Primordial Soul to protect Zhang Ning, he might miss the Blue Dragon King. But as for other judgments, Zhang Ning is not too confident. He won't be in the Dragon Palace for the rest of his life. So Truong Ninh smiled and said: "Thank you for your kindness, old Dragon King. However, I have some ways to avoid danger. Even if I leave the Dragon Palace, Thanh Long will not be able to do anything to me." That tiger monster finally looks like a monster. But if you really need to use Wan Baofan, you need to control it well. Last time when you killed that tiger monster, only the demon pill was left. If you kill Qinglong this time, you need to try your best to hold on to your whole body. Qinglong, even if it is a dragon, the corpse must be extremely precious. Even though I don't care, my cranes, purple shirts, and even my stupid cow should all be useful." Truong Ninh thought to himself. The road to longevity is extremely difficult, but with Zhang Ning leading the way , the Li family's younger sister, Liu Xiuxiu, Zhang Zishan and even that stupid cow will go smoothly. But the world of cultivation is different from the Jianghu world, although the treasures of heaven and earth are extremely important in the world of Jianghu, but they are not so important, people like Zhang Zishan can easily reach the heavenly realm even if they don't take medicine. That's the younger sister of the Li family, actually, talent is also possible. But after arriving in the cultivation world, all kinds of natural materials, earthly treasures and cultivation resources need to keep up. The higher the cultivation level, the more resources are needed. Zhang Ning There is no need to deliberately accumulate resources. Occasionally encountering a monster like a monster like a tiger tiger that harms people, he can easily kill and eliminate the demon. When he encounters a domineering guy like Qinglong, he can can accept him arbitrarily. As the saying goes, if you don't open it for three years, you can eat it for three years if you open it. If the alchemy inside the previous tiger demon killed this green dragon, for a long time, Zhang Ning would not have to worry about the cultivation of Zhang Zishan, the younger sister of the Li and Niu Er families. Where can I find such a good thing? People change with the environment. Since Zhang Ning brought his whole family to Fengyue World and officially entered the path of cultivation, his work style has changed a bit. You must know that when he was in the small world, Truong Ninh would not intentionally collect money like that. For Truong Ninh, Thanh Long leaving is a bad thing, hiding in the dark is a good thing for him. But the old Dragon King didn't know this. When he heard Truong Ninh's words, he couldn't help but feel a little stunned and at the same time a little angry. "Nephew. I know your sword is a bit special. I'm really surprised that you were able to kill a Golden Core stage puppet with this sword. But believe me, that blue dragon is definitely very difficult." deal with you. You must know." pet Although it is good, it also needs a worthy owner to develop its power. Thanh Long has countless ways to secretly attack you. It even destroys your soul without anyone finding out. Before you could react, You were just a corpse." King was a little annoyed, and reminded Azure Dragon King about his strength again. Zhang Ning was very helpless when he heard these words, this was a misunderstanding. , a misunderstanding that is difficult to explain clearly. Do you want to tell the old dragon king that I am the king of Chujiang? Zhang Ning's skin is not so thin, but he cannot say it. But Zhang Ning will not stay in Long Palace, so Truong Ninh seriously said: "Old Dragon King, there is no need to worry, he still has treasures on his body, enough to protect himself." Very good, but seeing Truong Ninh reject his kindness over and over again, he couldn't keep his face. After coldly snorting, the old dragon king turned into a black light and disappeared, angry. He left angrily. Truong Ninh was a little reluctant, but still didn't explain much. "I'm also reluctant." Mo Heiyu scratched his hair, showing a helpless look. Mo Heiyu rushed into Zhang Ning's arms. with short legs, high head and big beautiful eyes. She said: "Brother Truong Ninh, father, he is not joking, Thanh Long Vuong is truly cruel and scary, no matter what he says." Anything, if it takes effect too late, is all trash, my king wants to strangle you to death." , like crushing an ant." The little girl is very serious, very serious. "You have to believe me, don't you know how to listen to good and evil?" Truong Ninh bowed his head and touched Mo Heiyu's small head, revealing a very serious expression. The little guy raised his head, Truong Ninh bowed his head, his eyes widened, it was so funny. Mohist dragons are very good at listening. Mo Heiyu believed Zhang Ning's words, but did not believe in Zhang Ning's strength, and muttered: "Qinglong King is really strong, brother Zhang Ning, your child, really cannot protect you." Zhang Ning was also very helpless. Can not be explained. Neither the father nor the daughter believed him. no way. After a moment of silence, Mo Heiyu's small face moved, and the old Dragon King transmitted his voice to her. Mo Heiyu said to Zhang Ning: "Brother Zhang Ning, there are two things. I heard that he went out to find the lost dragon cow, and that cow went down the Yongning River to the sea. Second thing, My father said that the Pure Duong flower should be very rare, but if you eat it like that, problems may arise. It can help refine the medicine, neutralize it, and increase its effectiveness." me and his beloved daughter Oh." Mo Heiyu chuckled, rubbing his small head into Zhang Ning's arms. Zhang Ning also understood this truth, pure yang flower is a pure yang thing, very domineering. What's more, the Li family's younger sister is really not easy to swallow. And refining pure yang yang flower into elixir comes at a very high price. Although Zhang Ning saved Mo Heiyu, that was not the case. It was to repay the favor of the old king of the Dragon King. But it was the matter of the Ly family's younger sister. Truong Ninh was not a particularly hypocritical person, so he naturally accepted the kindness. "Thank you." Truong Ninh nodded and said, then from Van Bao Pham took out the Pure Duong Flower and gave it to Mac Black Ngoc. Mo Heiyu summoned a clam girl and asked the clam girl to bring the Pure Yang flower to the Dragon King. Old man. The Dragon King was still very angry and did not want to see Truong Ninh. "Father said that this type of pure duong flower is very rare, and there is no fixed formula for the medicinal pills. He needs to think about using those medicinal herbs to supplement the medicinal herbs. Roughly it takes a few months. Brother Truong Ninh, you can stay here." for a few months. At the Dragon Palace, play with me. "Brother Zhang Ning, let me show you my collection. When I was born, many uncles gave me gifts. The turtle shell that Uncle Long Quy gave me is one of them." very large, delicate and luxurious. There are no ordinary lights in the room, only luminous jade, emitting a gentle light. Mo Heiyu took it out a lot of treasures, often show it to Zhang Ning. Certainly, there are many rare treasures, all of which are of great value. She is worthy of being the beloved daughter of the old Dragon King, an existence known by thousands beloved person. Although Zhang Ning doesn't care about these treasures, because there are more treasures in his Wanbaofan, there are countless relics alone. One must know that relics, at most is equivalent to the Golden Pill of the Taoist religion, and the internal medicine of the Demon Race. The value is immeasurable. But facing the little girl who took out the treasure hidden in her body to share with him, there is no need to say these words. Zhang Ning only hummed a few sentences to make her happy. Truong Ninh stayed like that in the Dragon Palace, waiting for the old Dragon King to refine the pure yang flower into elixir. As for that stupid cow, because it wasn't slaughtered. , so it's not a big deal. Once the elixir is refined, go find it. But once you find it, you need to pump it hard. What a worry-free cow. For the time being, Truong Ninh can live peacefully in Long Palace, but he has never played with it. No mention of Azure Dragon King, just like the old Dragon King said. Zhang Ning held a very scary knife, even attracting the attention of Zhang Chunnian from Tianbao Pavilion, and awarded him a gold medal from Tianbao Pavilion. Leaving aside humanity, the land-walking monster races and some water races are not of the orderly type. The old Dragon King ordered the Dragon King to hold a banquet for distinguished guests. After the banquet ended, he left the Dragon Palace himself. But there are many unpredictable people, but they are in ambush. Whether it was the ambushers or the people sent by the old dragon king to investigate, no one found the Azure Dragon King. This makes many people wonder, does the blue dragon really change gender? Can you swallow this breath alive? Actually no. The so-called dragons can be big or small, can hide or hide, can ride clouds and fog, and can fight in the wild. Although the green dragon is not a real dragon, it is a green jellyfish with profound morality. But this blue dragon is quite capable. The Thanh Long King outwardly transformed into a hundred-meter tall green dragon, angrily returning to the sea to the east, but in reality, he secretly transformed into a carp, swam upstream, and returned to the surrounding area. of Dragon. The palace was like an aquarium, and turned into a carp, unclear pebbles in the grain river. like a statue. Being targeted by a newborn Soul is no small matter. Furthermore, this is a Qingjiao dragon. This Qingjiao is very vengeful, very domineering, and very difficult to deal with. And after reaching the Newborn Soul, even if you do not use magic and supernatural powers. Just based on your ears and feel, you can detect many types of wind and grass. So don't look at the Thanh Dragon turning into sandstone without being obvious, in fact the Thanh Dragon King seems to be monitoring the Dragon Palace's every move from 360 degrees, which is very terrifying. The means are also much better than some people hiding in the dark. At least the old Dragon King also sent a few people out to investigate, clearly discovering some Nguyen Anh monsters secretly lying in ambush, and then politely let them leave. Cancan leave behind all discovered monsters. But besides the Thanh Dragon King, there are definitely some other scary monsters ambushing him. Thinking about Zhang Ning's knife. There is a saying, if you don't reveal your wealth, if you reveal it, you will encounter a thief.

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    Before he finished speaking, he instantly pulled the knife out of its sheath, stepped forward, jumped into the air, and aimed the blade straight at his head.

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    The old man thought so so he happily drank. When the wine was half full, the old man said: "Young man, I don't know about your past, but just now when I saw you looking at the stone statues in this temple, your expression changed. Is that so?" Do you know these stone statues?"

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    Before he could finish speaking, Wang Shi threw up his sleeve and drifted away.